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The Thing Itself  by Terry Lucas and Gary Topper

This Poem Is a Dance
A New Collection of Poetry by David Rollison
"Here is a book of singular clarity," writes John P. O'Grady.
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Poetry and Photography

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 The 2021 edition of Nostos, addressing the theme of  "Transition/Metamorphosis" will soon be available. This issue will contain several unpublished poems by Alicia Ostriker! Check back for its ETA.
Submissions are closed: Watch for our next call for submissions in November. For detailed information regarding the submission process, please download the "Guidelines for Submissions" by clicking this link:
The Thing Itself: NEW poetry and photography collection. Through a collaboration of talent and friendship, poet Terry Lucas and photographer Gary Topper present a unique and creative perception of the things of the world. Lucas's poetry and Topper's photography not only complement each other but also join in a unity quite beyond their mere sum. Now available to purchase! 
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Nostos: Vol. IV, The "poetry in science" issue!
Poetry by Jane Hirshfield, Sam Illingworth, Tayve Neese, Shelley Chesley, Shutta Crum, Lucille Lang Day, Kate Peper, Catharine Clark Sayles, David Watts, and others. Fiction by Jane Shlensky. Artwork by Markos Kay, Jan Kriwol, Bobbe Besold and Zina Deretsky.
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By Meryl Natchez:  Catwalk … an enticing, beautiful collection of poetry by Meryl Natchez. Jericho Brown comments, "What I love about [the poems] is how much of the world — how much of a life — Natchez conjures in the space of a few lines. … This is a brilliant book." David St. John says, "There is an enviable muscle to these lyrical meditations...." Lynn Emanuel writes, "The things of and in these poems carry all we know of joy and sorrow." Kirkus Reviews says, "A collection of verse explores the strange contours of modern existence....[with] masterful control of content and form. Outstanding poetic musings that strike at the very core of human connections and contradictions."— A Starred Review.  NOW Catwalk has been selected by the editors of Kirkus Review as an Indie Best Book of the Month for August. Be sure to order your copy now. Please use the 'Bookstore' menu tab at the top of the page.

NOW a Kirkus Review "Best Indie Book of the Year"!

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Available: the literary journal Nostos, (Volume III, Number 2), our "Loss" issue. This issue explores the nature of loss  … its experience, its anticipation, its sting, its devastation, its aftermath. Poets Troy Jollimore, Terry Lucas, Rebecca Foust, Gail Entrekin, David Watts, Margaret Stawowy, Kirsten Jones Neff, Sian Killingsworth, and Nathaniel Tarn contribute extraordinary poetry. Nathaniel Tarn has offered seven remarkable poems honoring Forrest Gander's Pulitzer Prize winning collection Be With. Essayists John Marmysz and Sheila Bannon wrangle with the very nature of loss. Heather Altfeld provides a short story that has been called "a story for the New Yorker." And moving and evocative art is presented by June Yokell. Find it online here, at Copperfield's Books in San Rafael and Larkspur, CA, or at Rebound Books in San Rafael.

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Also Available: PENUMBRA...  Lisa Rappoport has created an extraordinary collection of poems. Fenton Johnson says, "Penumbra is an entirely seductive collection — enchanting, tender, troubling, poignant …." Stephen Kessler describes her poems as "mournful, reflective, confessional, fabulist, wryly philosophical…." And Troy Jollimore observes that "Lisa Rappoport's poems invite readers to enter a realm of grace and intimacy …."  Penumbra is available for purchase. Please use the "Bookstore" menu tab at the top of this page.

About Longship Press

Longship Press is a small-press publishing company based in Marin County, California. Its aim is to give voice to writers and canvas to artists. Providing the printed page to hold, to mark, to crease, and to carry is its aesthetic. The principal editor is Lawrence Tjernell. Requests for submissions will be announced periodically on this site.

Longship Press is the publisher of Nostos: Poetry, Fiction, and Art, a literary journal published now once each year, in the fall.

Nostos is Available!

Vol. IV: Poetry of Science

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Jane Hirshfield, David Rollison, Wilda Morris Barry Roth, and others on the theme of poetry of science. Art Markos Kay, Jan Kriwol, Bobbe Beshold, and Zina Deretsky..

Vol. III, No. 2: Loss

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Terry Lucas, Rebecca Foust, Troy Jollimoe, Heather Altfeld, Nathaniel Tarn and others on the theme of loss. Art by June Yokell.

Vol. II, No. 2: Familial

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Louise Glück, Heather Altfeld, Meryl Natchez, and others, on the theme of family. Art by Lorna Stevens.

Vol. III, No. 1: Eastern Wind

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Robert Hass, Joseph Zacardi, Amanda Moore, and others on the theme of Eastern Wind. Art by Debra DiBlasi and CiCi Chao.

Vol. I, No. 1: Homecoming

B. H. Fairchild, Rebecca Foust, Jane Shlensky and others on the theme of Homecoming. Art by Lorna Stevens.

Vol. II, No. 1: Elegy

Meryl Natchez, Lisa Rappoport, Roy Mash, and others on the theme of Elegy. Art by Owen Brown and Emily Wolahan.

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