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The new edition of Nostos (Vol. III, No.2: the Loss issue)

Call for Submissions!

We are calling for submissions of poetry, short fiction, and art for the next issue of the literary journal Nostos. Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2020. Please see information below.

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CALL FOR Submissions to Nostos: The literary journal Nostos, Volume IV, Number 1, is our "poetry of science" issue. We are looking for the awe, inspiration, fear, purity, danger, and aesthetics evoked by or discovered in the sciences, expressed in poetry, short fiction. and art. Deadline is May 1, 2020. Please carefully read the "Guidelines for Submissions" that you may access through the link below.

Now Available: the literary journal Nostos, (Volume III, Number 2), our "Loss" issue. This issue explores the nature of loss  … its experience, its anticipation, its sting, its devastation, its aftermath. Poets Troy Jollimore, Terry Lucas, Rebecca Foust, Gail Entrekin, David Watts, Margaret Stawowy, Kirsten Jones Neff, Sian Killingsworth, and Nathaniel Tarn contribute extraordinary poetry. Nathaniel Tarn has offered seven remarkable poems honoring Forrest Gander's Pulitzer Prize winning collection Be With. Essayists John Marmysz and Sheila Bannon wrangle with the very nature of loss. Heather Altfeld provides a short story that has been called "a story for the New Yorker." And moving and evocative art is presented by June Yokell. Find it online here, at Copperfield's Books in San Rafael and Larkspur, CA, or at Rebound Books in San Rafael.

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Also Available: PENUMBRA...  Lisa Rappoport has created an extraordinary collection of poems. Fenton Johnson says, "Penumbra is an entirely seductive collection — enchanting, tender, troubling, poignant …." Stephen Kessler describes her poems as "mournful, reflective, confessional, fabulist, wryly philosophical…." And Troy Jollimore observes that "Lisa Rappoport's poems invite readers to enter a realm of grace and intimacy …."  Penumbra is available for purchase. Please use the "Bookstore" menu at the top.

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